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What You Didn’t Know About Rei: A Character Analysis

Rei is a mysterious character, one who has captured the imaginations of anime fans around the world. In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at Rei and explore some of the things you may not have known about her. So be sure to bookmark this page and return to it later!

1. Her Relationship to EVA-00
Even though we all understand what EVAs are, it might be difficult to describe their nature. Although it is strongly indicated that each pilot’s EVA includes the souls of their mothers, neither is their bond to their pilots. Every show’s pilot has a mother who passed away. Everyone but Rei is a clone by definition. The first Rei’s soul is thought to be inside EVA-00 as a result, according to a popular theory.

2. Differences in Manga
Evangelion has had a number of manga adaptations despite being created as an original animation. There are several spin-offs as well as the original manga adaptation of the show, which gives the characters and storyline their own unique flavor. Rei differs from her anime counterpart in each of these.

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In the original manga adaption, Rei is considerably friendlier and more caring. She appears to be a somewhat different character as a result of the obvious modifications. This may be seen in all of her other manga portrayals. Because of the personality changes that seem to make her a completely different character, some fans have dubbed her Rei in Appearance Only (RiAO) or Rei in Appearance Only.

3. The Significance Of Her Name
Rei’s name was selected for a reason, just like every other character on the program. Her whole name has a variety of connotations, which adds to the understanding of who she is.

With her lack of identity and the EVA she pilots, Rei is zero in Japanese, which is fascinating. Her name’s kanji can also be translated as “spirit,” which is ironic considering the unsolved question of whose soul is in her EVA. She was given the moniker Rei Hino from Sailor Moon in an effort to entice Kunihiko Ikuhara, one of the show’s directors, to work on Evangelion.

4. Relationship She Had With Shinji
Character relationships are what propel Evangelion, and Shinji and Rei’s relationship is crucial to the show. Although their connection is first somewhat awkward in the series, the two gradually come to understand one another.

While not being the most obvious, the dynamic the two have is, in comparison to their individual interactions with other series characters, one that is advantageous to both of them. Regrettably, it doesn’t last long.

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5. Asuka’s Appearance Is Different
Asuka and Rei are very different people from one another, as viewers of the program are aware. Their diametrically opposed personalities prevent them from interacting in a healthy way, which results in perpetual tension between the two.

Actually, both of their character designs depict this disparity. Asuka has red hair and blue eyes, whereas Rei has blue hair and red eyes. Although it’s a minor point, it wonderfully captures their dynamic.

6. Image of The Moon Associated with Rei
Over the course of Evangelion, Rei is frequently connected to the moon. Together with the opening credits, this visual motif appears repeatedly in different angles and settings throughout the program. This link to the moon can be interpreted as a hint about Rei’s relationship with Lilith. It’s interesting to note that throughout numerous images in the series and films, Asuka is somewhat related to the sun.

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