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The Strength Of Tanjiro Compared To Other Anime World Characters

In an age where anime characters are becoming more and more popular, it can be difficult to decide which ones have the most power. Do they hold superpowers? Are they experts in their field? Or do they simply have a large following? In this blog post, we’re going to compare Tanjiro to other anime world characters in order to see which ones have less power.

1. Aang, A Young Avatar With An Amazing Ability To Learn
Aang was the most potent bender of his time since he was a reincarnation of the being known as the Avatar and could bend all four elements. Though technically, he did not entirely master all four, as claimed by Zuko and Toph, he learned all four with commendable skill in a year. Because of his unusual training, Aang never displayed the majority of the unique subgroups of the bending arts.

He was the first Avatar known to have gained seismic sense and lightning redirection, but he did exhibit both of those skills. Aang became a Fully Realized Avatar when he was still only twelve years old physiologically, unlike most Avatars who were not informed of their status until they were sixteen.

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2. Naruto Is More Motivated
Both Aang and Naruto are endearing heroes who share some unexpected traits. When they were younger, both enjoyed playing practical jokes on people and would frequently take on obligations they had not requested. They differ from one another, though, in how they choose to respond to their responsibilities.

Unlike Aang, who made the decision to flee his life as the Avatar and had some time to come to terms with it, Naruto never left. Instead, as he pursued his objective of becoming Hokage, Naruto used responsibility as motivation. That same drive that the Avatar had to dominate the elements would be channeled by Naruto. He would undoubtedly keep working out until he passed out from exhaustion.

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3. Although compassionate, Son Gohan is willing to kill
Son Gohan is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball franchise because he is one of the major heroes. But like Aang, he began as a child who detested the concept of conflict, which greatly assisted him in controlling his natural Saiyan bloodlust and limiting its expression to times of intense stress. Gohan’s ability to be compassionate is one of his strongest traits.

Gohan would be a better potential Avatar than his father because he is an extremely cerebral combatant. Gohan will anticipate his next move and try to win a battle with the greatest result possible. Most significantly, experience has trained him to kill an opponent when the chance arises despite his concern for others.

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4. When Necessary, Luffy Would Break The Rules
Even though Monkey D. Luffy isn’t the smartest tool in the drawer, he’d make an amicable and jovial Avatar, much like Aang. His outgoing personality would make friends easily, but his general combat prowess would have the Fire Nation fleeing for cover.

But Luffy’s willingness to breach the law when required would make him a far superior Avatar to Aang. For instance, Luffy wouldn’t tolerate Long Feng’s bullshit for even a minute when confronted with him trying to control Ba Sing Se. He would approach the Earth King directly. Although Luffy occasionally comes off as overly direct, he is also aware that often the simplest solution to a situation is the best one.

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5. The Fire Nation Would Be Played by Lelouch Like a Fiddle
Lelouch Vi Britannia doesn’t initially appear like he’d make a fine Avatar. His real talent is in strategic planning rather than actual combat, though. In order to give himself an easy victory, he would use his Bending skills to push stronger opponents into helpless situations.

Lelouch would discover a method to refocus a losing battle upon the Firebenders in the war against the Fire Nation. Regardless of whether it was a trap, with his abilities, the Black Sun Invasion would probably succeed.

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The comparison of feelings shown above is purely objective. Every anime narrative has a unique message that the creator wishes to convey to the audience. All characters are therefore created with the author’s own goals in mind. Let’s always appreciate and uphold our shop shared love for anime!

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