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The 10 Best Dance Of The Fire God Attacks

Demon Slayers Dance of the Fire God attacks are among the strongest in the series, but which of these attacks rank among the best?

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The Demon Slayer Corps in Demon Slayer mostly use Breath Styles in order to fight against Demons. These are different swordsmanship techniques, and different families use different variations on the techniques. The Kamado family uses the Dance of the Fire God technique, which allows them to harness the powers of the Fire God in their attacks.

There are several different ways to use this technique, and a lot of the attacks have different uses during battle, both offensive and defensive. They also have varying power levels as well, with some being incredibly powerful while others are more of a single strike situation. Here are the 10 best Dance of the Fire God attacks, ranked.

Flash Dance

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Flash Dance is a variation on Dance, which is just one very powerful vertical slash with a sword. The Flash Dance involves taking in a lot of oxygen and channeling blood flow into the legs. This takes the already very powerful Dance and adds the speed component to it. Even the very fast have difficulty evading the move.

Burning Bones

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Burning Bones is a defensive technique. It involves making a circular slash with a sword. This keeps opponents who are incoming with frontal attacks at bay by blocking them.

Strong defensive maneuvers are just as important as offensive maneuvers since this keeps the user in question from taking damage during the fight.

Clear Blue Sky

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Clear Blue Sky is a great vertical slash move. The user essentially does a flip, spinning their body vertically. This makes the slash a 360-degree move that can potentially take care of more than one enemy at once. But even just used on one enemy, it’s devastating, since the force, speed, and length of the slash can cause serious damage.

Beneficent Radiance

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Beneficent Radiance is another great technique for a user who is fighting several opponents at once. The user jumps into the air in a spiral motion, spinning as he goes up and as he comes down, with his sword out in order to deliver slashes. Anyone within the vicinity of the spiral is hard-pressed to not be caught by one of the slashes, making it a devastating move against a lot of enemies.

Setting Sun Transformation

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Setting Sun Transformation is one of the attacks that takes the “fire” in Fire God a little more literally. The slash in question actually features a flaming sword, which is of course incredibly destructive.

The user does a backflip as he slashes his sword upwards, instead of a more traditional downward slash.

Solar Heat Haze

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This is another attack that takes heat and flame into account. Solar Heat Haze creates an illusion using a mirage effect, the way that heat makes the air seem wobbly. The slash itself is covered in this haze, so that it looks like it’s not quite going to hit the target. This sets the enemy off their guard, since they think they’re safe from harm, but the slash does actually land as it’s supposed to, even though it looks like it won’t.

Fire Wheel

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Fire Wheel is also an attack that actually takes the Fire God concept pretty literally. It counts on one of the most exciting things powerful people do in shonen anime: where they suddenly leap behind their opponent to attack them from behind. In this case, the user of the attack jumps behind their enemy and starts spinning in the air, all the while releasing a circular flaming attack.

Fake Rainbow

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Fake Rainbow is also a defensive technique, but it also offers a great opportunity for counter-attacks. The user avoids attacks by moving around in quick rotations and twists, which makes it impossible to land hits on them. It also creates afterimages of the user, so that the user’s enemy attacks those images instead.

This gives the person using the attack a great opportunity to attack in response, since the enemy is distracted by the fake images of him.

Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance

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The more dramatic the title, the more powerful the attack seems to be. This one is also dramatic and looks awesome. The user moves in circles, making himself resemble a dragon; this allows him to avoid attacks from his enemies and also move in to slash at the enemy as well. It’s difficult to avoid and can be combined with the techniques of other Breath Style users in order to make it even more effective and deadly.

Thirteenth Style

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This is the most difficult attack to master since it requires knowledge of all 12 forms of the Breath Style. Part of being able to use Dance of the Fire God attacks is learning to do a dance in honor of the Fire God, which asks for protection against illness and disease for those doing the dance. It isn’t usually used to fight, except in this case, when the 12 forms are done over and over again.

This is used against Muzan, who has a shapeshifting ability that makes it so he can move his organs around inside of his body, making it harder to target them in order to kill him. But the repetition of the movements in the Thirteenth Style makes the user so fast and accurate that it’s impossible even for Muzan to avoid being hit by them.


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