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A movie ???? was announced on the 17th November 2019 being the direct follow-up of the first season with a trailer posted on the AniplexUs Youtube Channel:



The arc will thus take place aboard a train ????, the name of the film being, “Mugen Train”. And will apparently be centered around the main antagonist of the movie and Rengoku, the Flame Pillar ???? (Hashira).
In this arc, there would be a demon that would make the passengers disappear from the train, some demon slayers were sent there by the Demon Slayer Corps but not a single one came back to give a report on the situation.

We can pretty much guess that it is the last demon who survived Kibutsuji Muzan’s blood donation ???? who will be the antagonist of this movie, he uses several times the words of dreams and we can also see Tanjiro who would find his belongings back?
Does the heroes would have to get out of their dream in order to come out victorious of this fight?

A third trailer, highlighting Enmu, a lower moon being the most well ranked???? has been released this 2nd August 2020, we could think he uses some sorts of dreaming, demon techniques.

Lisa, that was singing ???? the first Kimetsu no Yaiba opening of the anime comes back in this movie with a new theme song to our great pleasure!
We can see the first attack of Kyojuro! The Flame Breathing First Form.
Inosuke, Zenitsu and the others will be in this fight too!

You liked the Movie’s visuals?

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